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A set of functional solderless cooletx modules by Edutronix. Through simple circuits, build on a mini breadboard, you get aquainted with serious physical principles and the operational functions of electronic components.
Assembling them may challenge fine motor skills as well as the art of handling disappointment,  but the sense of accomplishment when all finally goes well is definitely worth it!

Enough talk, here come the goods…


This circuit allows for reducing the rotation speed of a DCmotor, without losing unused energy.
Unused energy is not converted into heat.

It is divided into a series of pulses – waves – reducing the total amount of current the circuit requires. Works at 6Vdc, battery holder for 4 AA batteries is included, the batteries are not.

cooletx01  per set:9.95

 This circuit enables you to change the direction of electricity flowing through a motor, and as a result changing the rotational direction of the motor. The circuit can be used either stand alone, or combined with another electronic circuit.
The circuit requires 12Vdc, either from an 12V ac/dc converter, or a large batterie, not included.

cooletx03 per set: €9.95


A small circuit with two infra red LEDs creates a short range distance sensor.
A receiver LED sees light emitted by a transmitter LED as it bounces back from a nearby object.
The amount of light received reflects the distance to the object.  Operates with  3Vdc, batteryholder for 2 AA’s included, batteries are not.

cooletx07 per set:6.95

The AtariPunkConsole is a popular circuit for a stepped synthesizer.
Two adjustable resistors, or potentiometers, enable you to produce a sheer endless
range of gameconsole sounds.
Runs comfortably on a 9Vdc battery, not included.

cooletx04 per set:12.50



A small universal amplifier – 250mW/8Ohm – for weak audio signals.
The Push-Pull construction results in a uniform amplification of the audio signal, with low energy consumption.
Runs comfortably on a 9Vdc battery, not included.

cooletx05 per set:9.95



Universal timer based on a simple proven design and broadly applicable.
Its Adjustable duration and accessible trigger construction make it easy to combine with other circuits, such as an Arduino.

cooletx06 per set:6.95

De eerste stap in de wereld van golven en blokgolven: De Oscilator.
Opgebouwd uit discrete componenten – geen chips – tempo van leds individueel instelbaar. Runs comfortably on a 9Vdc battery, not included.

cooletx08 per set:6.95

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