Alphabet books

Exploring the alphabet, language and handwriting
A cheerful, multilingual collection of on- and offline books to explore the alphabet through seeing, hearing, associating and trying.
At this moment all materials are  issued in English, but Spanish and Dutch versions are close to production, so topics and skills can be approached separately or across languages.

New publication: Alphabet books

We are
the building blocks
of language,
we are the Alphabet


The main set of four books introduces characters in alphabetical order.

Every character is richly illustrated with original drawings of creatures or objects starting with that character, set up for coloring activities to alleviate the serious business of writing.

Books can be purchased as a set of
4 books for € 19,50 or
per book for € 5,75
and are available offline during our workshop sessions at “In het Koorenhuis” in The Hague, or online with the form below.


Coming soon: Theme books


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Theme books