Libri alfabetici

Exploring the alphabet

A cheerful, multilingual collection of on- and offline books and games to explore the alphabet through seeing, hearing, associating and trying. At the moment all materials are  issued in English, Spanish and Dutch, and can be approached separately or across languages.


Alphabet books

The main set of four books introduces characters in alphabetical order.
Every character is richly illustrated with original drawings of creatures or objects starting with that character, set up for coloring activities to alleviate the serious business of writing.



Theme books

An ever expanding set of theme books illustrates the world around us.

Starting with a scenic overview of a theme, followed by an introduction of the actors in five languages – English, Spanish, Dutch, German and French – the themes provide a nice set of coloring books on the side.

Current titles in this category:

Word game

A set of cards, combining cartoons on one side and related word and character on the other, forms the basis for a range of games, like Memory and Scrabble. Group interaction and competition transform the learning process into a playful activity. The cards are color linked to the character groups of the books, making it possible to match the game to book progress.