I know a man who knew a world without plastic

I Know a Man who Knew a World Without Plastic

Learning how a plastic soup grows in our oceans, how virtually all living creatures eat plastic on a daily basis, it is hard to believe the first plastic grocery bag was introduced in the US in 1979.
Half a lifetime ago. It is difficult nót to know, or be, someone that knows a world without plastic.

Yet most people – while recognizing the problem – consider the plastic soup we brewed, if not irreversible, too big to solve individually. Many companies believe they will lose a competative edge if they package their products in less pretty or more expensive biodegradable materials.

So nothing happens. Everyone waits untill someone else solves the problem. A bit silly, because everybody is that someone. We are the only ones that cán solve the problem, as we created it.
It took a mere 40 years.

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